Blending the Old and the New in Gargnano

So much to like about this restaurant in Gargnano. In fact, I liked it so much we ate dinner there twice. One evening we sat next to a couple from the East Coast. The woman suggested a bestseller, Beneath A Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan, as a read that is somewhat factual about the nearby area (Milan) during WWII.

Who could resist the looks of the restaurant’s stone facade and somewhat mysterious entrance? The whimsical interior was simplistic yet appealing, sophisticated yet playful and the food followed suit-traditional with a current day twist.

The restaurant was named the Trattoria San Martino Le 3 Oche (Geese) and the saying on the menu explains where the name came from. I have included the menu because if you haven’t been to Italy, you may not realize their menus can be extensive and overwhelming! And, no, you do not need to eat from every course! But it does explain why Italian meals can extend their social hours together.

My dessert photos give you some idea of how beautiful the courses were plated. And, even though we skipped a few courses, a ‘doggie’ bag was still needed to be carried away back to our hotel! Here is their website:

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