gotta go…

There’s always the issue of needing to use the ‘toilette’ (as they call it in France) when out shopping or sitting in a cafe, restaurant, bar. Well, this, my favorite signage in Paris, which does get to the ‘point’!

The opening photo is of the well-known bistro, Le Comptoir du Relais Saint-Germain, owned by chef, Yves Camdeborde . And just to the left of the bistro are two of his three ‘standing room only’ bar/tapas places. The oldest one of the three is seen when you open this link, and is where you will see this signage.

Bon Appetit! (in the 6th arrondissement) And, yes, the chef’s hotel is just to the right of his bistro. Staying at his hotel is one of the only ways you will be assured a res for dinner at the bistro.

One thought on “gotta go…

  1. Love the signs – new to me. And I hope I can go to the Comptoir with YOU but if not I am prepared to go alone!! Thanks,Judy. Jane

    Cell: 203-521-2429



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