Settling in Before the Owners Do?

There are currently 3 residences on our block under new construction. I guess this one is their favorite! Even though our property is very close to downtown and commercial/retail action in town, we have deer who walk through and munch on our plantings/trees but bed down nearby, but only at night.

Actually, there are 5 bucks total in this house! I guess they selected this one as their favorite of the three. Two of them can’t be seen, because they have already made themselves comfortable and are bedded down.

We do have rabbits, quails, for instance, that have selected our property to nest and give birth every year. But I would qualify this as bold behavior, wouldn’t you? The second photo shows what one of the bucks did the next day after the claim of the house across the street from us. That is our downstairs door and that guy looks like he is only about, at most, 6 feet away from our door! Middle of the day too! Maybe he’s the one who has have been selected in charge of their decorating for the newly claimed house across the street and trying to get some ideas???

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