Step into the Wee Village of Gargnano on Lake Garda

Exploring the lake and the villages surrounding it can take place by ferry or private boat rentals, which meant our car stayed in the hotel parking lot. To give you an idea of the ‘wee village size’, Gargnano has a population of less than 3000. The narrow main street is a one way street! And to give you an idea of the abundant tastes of Gargnano: Naturally vibrant colorful surroundings, characters worth learning more about if you have the time and inclination (Aren’t you curious to know more about these gentlemen in two of my photos?), architectural and cultural history to explore, or just simply sitting by the dock and taking advantage of the steady stream of people coming and going while having a frosty drink. Actually, there’s a gelato store just around the corner from the ferry dock too!

Select from the heavily laden choices at the ‘foodie’ shop for a picnic or do as what we did and just couldn’t resist: A modest, no frills pizza dinner with the rating for the evening shooting to 5 stars, racked upward by a waterfront seat, warm October temperatures, and a sky lit up enough to help us read the menu and put a shining glow on our faces and hearts.

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