Ocean Magic…

A.hhh.hhh…..Went to the Oregon coast for a few days to beat the heat last week! I’m such a planner it felt great to make a spontaneous decision and just hit the road…about a 4 hour drive.

We took what we could get in lodging and still ended up with these long sandy stretches of beach with equally vast ocean water views from our room’s balcony! Slept with the balcony door wide open so the sounds of the waves could be heard.

Crab pots are more proof that it’s seafood land!

Wild and rustic looking topography with wildflowers showing off their mix ‘n match colors all along the trail to the lighthouse…

One of two lighthouses in the Newport area…the 93 foot tall Yaquina Lighthouse at the mouth of the Yaquina River is a beauty, isn’t it? Read more about it, including the article’s mention of its possible hauntings at one point.

Unusual formations on the land near the water at Seal Rock….just no seals exposing themselves on the rocks as yet…

Someone has a prime spot to take a snooze…

Endless views with hazy fog in the morning and sun breaking through in the afternoon to add some warmth to the day…

An aquarium stop…saw some jellyfish which are always interesting and then saw a school of teensy fish that were fascinating to watch and with what looked like little spotted sharks making their way around the school too.

Unfortunately, I would not recommend the aquarium right now. They are remodeling some areas but it seems as though the entire aquarium is due for an overhaul. I was very disappointed. But…on the contrary, I was thrilled with a few days of action on the Pacific!

Recommended Newport Restaurants: (suggest reservations)

The weather cooperated (in the 60s) so we ate outdoors but we didn’t get a chance to eat at Mo’s Seafood and Chowder because they have no outdoor seating, although takeout would have worked. They are well known for their chowder!

We did buy crab at a seafood deli and an assortment of sides to share at our table, overlooking the ocean view from our room/balcony.

Georgie’s did not have outdoor seating either but we did have takeout a couple of times from them, which they conveniently delivered to our hotel room.

Definitely enjoyed Clearwater Restaurant…out on their deck overlooking the water.

Did not book in time so we could try out Local Ocean Seafoods but had great reviews. Next time….

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