KIOSKs: Have you checked them out?

You may be very familiar with kiosks? I use them to pick up L’Officiel Spectacles once a week to assist me in knowing what is going on in Paris. This kiosk happens to be located just across the street from the Place Saint-Sulpice/Saint-Sulpice Church in the 6th arrondissement. If you are a window shopper, Annick Goutal’s shop just across from the kiosk show off their seasonal creative aesthetic of displaying their perfume products. Also, near a bus stop and Cafe de la Mairie at 8, Place Saint-Sulpice.

The gentleman ‘minding the store’ was kind enough to pose for this shot.

I often use the kiosks, tabac shops, and the stationery shops for postcard shopping or at least for browsing the various ones available. A number of my family members enjoy my postcards so much, over the years, but I started doing less buying when the stamp cost more than the postcard. Or, what I do is buy several postcards and put them in one envelope which can hold several for the price of one stamp.

Just to razz my sister, who started to hint at me sending her more, I took photos one day of the racks of postcards and then ‘sent the postcards’ to her that that way instead! She did have a word or two she called me! Sometimes other items come in handy: Drinks, Paris mementos, an American candy bar, comic books, magazines (The ‘COTE’ ones are probably my favorite), the news, and a tote bag to carry it all!

Now this might really come in handy as Paris can have some unexpected downpours! I have run for cover more than once.

My favorite map of a city is ‘Streetwise Map’. But they don’t seem to carry that particular one in Paris. So I usually bring that one along with me, just in case my ‘google maps app’ gives me ‘trouble’.

A find! They start so young in Paris, don’t they? Ahhh..hh…romance is in the air at the nearest kiosk…after all, you never know!

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