Appropriate Dress for the Day is Purple: January 20, 2021

Today was a PURPLE day in the USA!!

The blog title I chose is referring to the historic day we had in the USA today–the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, the first woman in this position and the first person of color chosen for this position. Vice President Kamala Harris chose to wear purple. The former First Lady Michelle Obama, and former First Lady/ Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as well as others, (Senator Elizabeth Warren’s scarf, for instance) decided to follow suit.

“The ladies’ choice to wear purple is being widely interpreted as a nod to nobility—a symbolic association of the color. Purple was also notably a color favored by suffragettes and women political leaders of the past. Vice President Kamala Harris‘ own purple ensemble may have also been a nod to former Representative Shirley Chisholm, who famously wore purple during her 1972 presidential campaign.” (Newsweek article)

“In addition to purple’s special meaning for Harris, the color has often been worn by women in the political sphere as a sign of “unity” — of Republican red and Democratic blue coming together. For her presidential race concession speech in 2016, Hillary Clinton chose a Ralph Lauren Collection suit with royal purple accents as a way to represent both parties coming together.” (People magazine article)

Click on the highlighted words or the link just above and they will take you to more information about the appropriate dress in PURPLE

I am still glowing from ‘seeing PURPLE’ today!

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