Postcard Views of Notre Dame

When you are in Paris, you can spend a chunk of time just looking and/or buying postcards that represent this stunning city and the various stops you have made along the way.

Some visitors send postcards home to family and friends to let them know about their adventures. A number of my family members, of all ages, always egg me on to send more.

Yet, others visitors may collect them as mementos that are OH! so easy to store away in your luggage. And still others write postcards and send them to themselves. I’ve been known to do all three.

Sometimes, I buy an envelope and package up several postcards, sending them to family in that way. I’m able to put a description/comments on the back of each one. And, I save some money, especially since it costs more for the postage for one postcard than it does for the postcard itself. I can get away with several in one envelope for close to the same price as just sending one.

And, here is another idea I had recently. My sister was bugging me about sending some postcards. So this is what I sent her instead. HA! Photos of racks of postcards! This is a kiosk in my neighborhood that I pass by on a regular basis.



But back to the Notre Dame postcards in my personal stash:

With Notre Dame in our thoughts, these days, after the horrific fire, here are just a few more postcards I’ve collected over the years.

Notre Dame Cathedral is located on one of two islands in the Seine, the Ile de l’Cite. In the postcard on the left, you can see the front of Notre Dame on the island’s right back side.

The postcard on the right, gives you a view of the back of Notre Dame with it flying buttresses and can be located on the left side close to the two bridges.

If you cross the shorter bridge of the two in the foreground, it diagonally  heads right to the other island, Ile St. Louis, which takes you to the cafe, Le Flore en I’lle at 42, Quai d’ Orleans in the 4th arrondissement (, I often frequent so I can garner a view of this infamous cathedral for as long as I want. See cafe photo at the end.


A painted version of Ile de l’Cite with Notre Dame looming over the island….


Various views…some version of these postcards is probably still currently available to purchase at a kiosk or  touristy location (tabac shop, for instance) as you make your way around the city.


And one of the brave gargoyles….


A cut-out version….


And, finally, one that allows for some play…good luck with this one!


Le Flore en I’lle, with views of Notre Dame’s flying buttresses and now a view of the reconstruction. My friend in the blue shirt on the far left is staring in the direction of the cathedral. This is a mid October day and it was warm enough to enjoy a table outdoors. The Seine is straight ahead. The cafe is known for their Sunday brunch.

If you wish, see my post titled: ‘Thirteen Million Visitors and More to Come’ about Notre Dame Cathedral and the Cafe on Ile. St. Louis.


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