One of my May wishes…What is one of yours?

Gerard Mulot’s  boulangerie, patisserie, and traiteur are all wrapped up into a one-stop shop. His shop has been around for decades in the Saint Germain district at 76, rue de Seine, 6th arrondissement in Paris. Take note:


So, one of my numerous wishes for Parisians (and myself!), when allowed, is to do a ‘stop and shop’ for picnic goods at Gerard Mulot, or your favorite similar shop, and take your prized choices to the Luxembourg Gardens. Heres’ a sampling of what my ‘garden of choice’ looks like in May:


When the time comes, celebrate a well deserved stretch and relaxation time in one of the most gorgeous city gardens in the world and savor it! Now, what’s one of your May wishes?

Paris by Mouth 2014 review:

Here’s a Time Out 2017 review of where to snag the best croissant in Paris. Gerard Mulot is not on the top of their list, but fares well:

2 thoughts on “One of my May wishes…What is one of yours?

    1. I believe it will, Jane. However, and I do not want to discount the fact that I am safe and healthy, so far, but so many are not, and yet I do grieve my travels, especially since my international travel days are numbered due to this now qualified stage of life being titled ‘elderly’. It is why I have started to post on my blog again. First, and foremost, I have the time but also because it is my journal that I am willing to share with whomever would like to tag on with the hope it stirs up reminders of their once travel experiences or stimulation for their future ones yet to come. Stay safe. Stay healthy so we can sprout up and out the door when the globe becomes a lively garden for all of us again!


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