Well, I am not referring to this: but you might enjoy listening to it!

Nor am I referring to this:  but you don’t have to be in Africa to enjoy one of these!

I am, though, referring to this:


When my travel partner and I arrived at our hotel in Barcelona, the light set the tone for our entire visit. Magical! Walking into the lobby kept the magic feel alive.


The ferris wheel showed off its various colors of light.


Another long view gave way to a tower nearby.


And then we took a stroll amongst the water and the harbor.




Dream on…..HA!


Of course, there was a ‘magical’ McDonald’s somewhere around! At least the signs say so.


But let’s end with a bang of magical light! And, maybe listening to Sundown, drinking an African sundowner!, watching the sunset while ‘sheltering in place’ in 2020!


Remember this moment. For now, you are safe and healthy. And, take another moment to sort through your memory file for a time when all was right with the world. Savor it too. 


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