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Heading to Paris between April 11 and the 14th? Here is a suggestion:


4, Rue Eugene Spuller
75003 Paris, France

11 >14 avril 2019

I was introduced to this exhibition last year by a newly met friend, which, by the way,  is just one of the reasons why I ‘stay open’ so I might have the opportunity to welcome new friends in my life.

She explained to me that many of the artists being exhibited were well-known street artists but what I would find at the show would encompass a number of their art pieces, but for the indoors. The spaces were divided into the galleries that represented the various artists with pleasant staff ready to answer one’s questions.

For just a few days, as mentioned, the Urban Art Fair was housed in a restored industrial building, Le Carreau Du Temple.When I approached the exhibition address in the 3rd arrondissement, the neighborhood now known as the Le Haut Marais (northern Marais), I was impressed.

To start to familairize yourself with this neighborhood, if it is not one known to you, here is just one of the more recent articles regarding a few of the trendy shops in the Le HautMarais:


Quoting Wikipedia regarding the actual restored exhibition space:

“…The carreau is situated near the former site of the Temple, the medieval enclosure of the Knights Templar, which gained notoriety as the prison where the Royal family were held during the French Revolution.

In 1811 a wooden structure was erected on the site to house a permanent market, which was replaced by the current cast iron, brick and glass structure in 1863. The market specialised in selling clothes, but has declined in popularity.”

Once the recent restoration was completed in 2014, it was made available to rent out for a mixed bag of venues.


The sidewalk, right across the street from the venue, has it own added art.


The interior space itself is delightful to wander around, giving yourself a chance to take  in the detailed metalwork, as well as the window and skylight views from various angles.


And, then, topping off the visual gratification, the ticket purchasers have the good fortune to also be exposed to art.

In stimulating colors…

IMG_1967IMG_1966  IMG_2011IMG_1963

In diversified media…



In more dynamic color including a wide array of subject matter…


And always a bit of L’Amour added…after all, it is Paris!


Quite frankly, this northern Marais neighborhood is well worth at least a day trip, even if the Urban Art Fair is not in progress. It gives you access, not only to the boutiques referenced in the article above, but also to some nearby museums such as Musee Picasso (http://www.museepicassoparis.fr/en/ ) and Art et Metiers  (https://www.arts-et-metiers.net/musee/visitor-information).

Also, a few shops I hold dear, such as Merci and Maison Plisson. I write about both of these shops in the posts titled: Step #1 into the Marais and Step #2 into the Marais.

Link up with this ‘google map’  below and you will see the close proximity of these places of interest to the venue space, Le Carreau du Temple:


When it comes to eateries/drinkeries, reliable Paris by Mouth’s website will have some Le Haut Marais neighborhood suggestions too. Once you open the link, just scroll down to the 3rd arrondissement, read the descriptions and reviews, locate what you want, make a reservation or take your chances, ‘google map’ it, and you are on your way!






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