Looming over Paris

Would Paris be Paris without the Eiffel Tower?

Traveling to Paris for me now, adds up to over 35 years! Three and a half decades!! Yet,  it is still a THRILL for me, as I make my way around the city, to catch a glimpse of that latticed wrought iron workmanship in the 7th arrondissement on the Left Bank. I have marveled at it, up close and personal, more than once. I have enjoyed the pleasure of dining  in the restaurant, Le Jules Verne, also, more than once. The convenience of ascending up to the 2nd level, in the restaurant’s private elevator, is a true addition to this special reservation. Just to let you know, take heed. The pricing, of course, also matches the experience!

A well-known chef, Frederic Anton, will be heading the kitchen as of this coming Spring 2019, after a facelift takes place. See this website to read more about him and the restaurant: https://www.restaurants-toureiffel.com/en/jules-verne-restaurant/the-restaurant.html

Le 58 Tour Eiffel is the restaurant on the first level. However, I have not had the opportunity to experience it. If anyone can comment on their experience dining there, I welcome hearing your comments. Here is their website explaining their types of service for lunch and dinner: https://www.restaurants-toureiffel.com/en/58-tour-eiffel-restaurant/restaurant.html

HA! I see I started out with the food experience at the Eiffel Tower and, yet, not the reason why most who make their Eiffel Tower visit a ‘must-do’, especially on their first visit to Paris! Ahem…you can see where my loyalties lie….

This thorough English language official website for the Eiffel Tower is also a ‘must’ since it gives you everything from its history to planning a visit: https://www.toureiffel.paris/en/the-monument

The majestic views overlooking the city from the Eiffel Tower as well as the also majestic close-up views of the Eiffel Tower itself from down under are what makes the experience warranted.

I will also say though, I don’t have to be on top of it to appreciate it, as a more far away view works too. And, at night, I can be amused and feel delight from seeing it ‘star up’ the sky, including its twinkling every hour, on the hour, for 5 minutes. By the way, take note that 2019 is its 130th Anniversary!

One of my favorite spots to view the city, including the Eiffel Tower, is the restaurant, Georges, at the Centre Georges Pompidou. There is something about this level of view that intrigues me. I feel like I am ‘amongst the birds flying’ and have this sense of being able to safely reach out and touch the buildings. See the Eiffel Tower, in the distance, on the left side of the photograph, with a few cranes nearby?


On a sunny mid April day, the terrace area of Georges, as you can see from my photo below, was obviously not just my discovery of ‘THE place to be’ that day. I joined a multitude of other rejoicers of the sun.

The entrance to the restaurant is just at the back. You ride up the glass-enclosed escalator and, as you are climbing, you can glimpse more city views.

For dinner, as you can imagine, you become encased in the lights of the city as the sunlight dims, so time your dinner reservation so you can go from daylight to nightlight and at least one round of the 5 minute, on the hour, twinkling of the Eiffel Tower.

Georges is a contemporary slick space with ‘pods’ for bathrooms, as a for instance. The Costes family aesthetic may not be yours. You can read about the Costes brothers here: https://www.afr.com/lifestyle/travel/meet-the-costes-the-reticent-family-who-turned-paris-cafe-society-fabulous-20170508-gw02k9

To be honest, the menu is a bit pricy and, depending on your course selection, can be a bit of ‘hit and miss’ but I overlook that as the views overtake my eating experience here. Georges’ website: https://restaurantgeorgesparis.com/en/


On to quite a different subject: If you are concerned about terrorism, please see this article about the fencing being completed around the Tower: https://www.haaretz.com/world-news/europe/MAGAZINE-in-a-city-gripped-by-fear-the-eiffel-tower-s-makeover-1.6179137

In my 35 years or so of collecting travels to Paris, I started a collection of postcards. It was a way of taking something of Paris home with me…..which also meant I could still zip up my luggage! These are just a few of my Eiffel Tower postcards.

You can see that some represent the actual Eiffel but others are playful and even, like a couple of them below, can be cut and folded into the shape of the Tower.


Some actual photographs of the structure…


Some combine humor…


Some with an aura of misty…


And others with an enlightenment of its spirit…


And yet another in the form of its image reflected on the Seine…


I was there to see this in 2000!


Color it an artistic wonder, enjoyed by millions, from near and far, ever since its existence!


I’ll be interjecting more of my postcards in posts to follow. You can pick them up at kiosks like the one below near the Saint Sulpice Church…

fullsizeoutput_214 or in bookstores, tabac shops, or stationery/paper goods shops, all most likely located in the more Parisian tourist areas, of course. If you find yourself in the 6th arrondissement, this shop is ALL about paper goods, including postcards, and, yes, I often, when nearby, swing in to see the latest: http://www.cartesdart.fr/collections/

What’s your idea of the best view of the Eiffel Tower?

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  1. Love the postcards

    On Sat, Feb 23, 2019, 10:04 AM A Pocketful of Paris wrote:

    > judybarsky posted: “Would Paris be Paris without the Eiffel Tower? > Traveling to Paris for me now, adds up to over 35 years! Three and a half > decades!! Yet, it is still a THRILL for me, as I make my way around the > city, to catch a glimpse of that latticed wrought iron workm” >


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