Van Gogh’s Back in Town!

The Atelier des Lumières has done it again! The 2018 Klimt exhibition was a great success. I posted about my experience after I attended it.

Now I am hearing from a number of sources that the Van Gogh (1853-1890) is also a powerful immersive experience. If you plan to be in Paris, I suggest you purchase your tickets prior to your visit. The exhibition runs until the end of 2019…

Self portrait of Van Gogh 1887…


Step through a few of these postcards of his work…

Arles-Sprig of flowering almond in a glass 1888…


Arles-La Chambre de Van Gogh 1889…a familiar one, non?


Arles-Les roulottes. Campement de bohemiens 1888…


St Remy-The garden of Saint Paul’s Hospital 1889…


St Remy-Olive Trees on a Hillside 1889…


St Remy-Olive Groves 1889…


I plan to enjoy another deeply moving experience at the Atelier des Lumieres…Here is the website to get even more of a flavor of what the experience will be:

If you want to arrange to have a meal nearby, try Bistro Paul Bert or Le 6 Paul Bert. Reservations are most likely needed. Either one is about a 15-20 minute walk from the exhibition. Try this website for information on Bistro Paul Bert:

And here is the website for Le 6 Paul Bert:

Remember this one? Arles-Sunflowers 1889


2 thoughts on “Van Gogh’s Back in Town!

  1. Thanks Judy. Van Gogh is one of my favs. We watched the movie At Eternity’s Gate about the life of Van Gogh. Very good and Willem DeFoe was amazing playing him. This exhibit looks so inviting portraying some of his best works. Wish I could be there!!


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