“Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness?” —Jonathan Safran Foer (author, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close)

Jackson is my grand-dog! And a rescue dog to boot! He’s a hard act to follow…which means Parisian dogs have their work cut out for them to win my heart!  IMG_0443But this one is ‘in the running’. Which, by the way, I rarely see a Parisian dog ‘on the run’ or even barking, for that matter. They seem to be so well-mannered. Look at this one–being ‘chic’, under/near the owner’s table, at Pizza Chic at 13, rue de Mezeries in the 6th arr. (https://www.pizzachic.frIMG_1681and, they can be found everywhere. At the cafe, of course! IMG_4652This one was at the SFR boutique (phone, TV, internet shop) where the owner was waiting in line for her turn and allowed him to just wander the shop. I missed the shot of him taking a snooze.


These two were on the bus:Im4lDc64SvudlYhk9VXrywIMG_2144And then checking out the flowers at the Marche Saint Germain florist: IMG_2113At the Pressing shop (dry cleaners) down the block from me:


They are represented on trays such as the one above as my ‘featured image’ or in the window display of Bonpoint. Yes, that upscale children’s shop I have photographed for a blog post before.:IMG_1851Or, they do go even more high end–the Louis Vuitton windows in the 6th arr. this past Spring: iPbkGcGBSEmfbTJ7e0ET6QJdriN0bIQ9yq+5ZsfqLCZAfullsizeoutput_126a5B9ydp7EQX+hALcCIjeyZwIn one of the ‘covered Paris Passages‘, a shop’s signage:rQIO4TMiSUSWGxV5LiTezQAnd, I don’t need to go far. This is my new neighborhood dog at the children’s toy shop, which is really a miniature figurine factory shop. Down about a block from my apartment, this dog at Pixie and Cie is NOT miniature and seems to take  the neighborhood watch seriously:


IMG_5065I’ve saved the best for last. I met up with a guy, who basically has a dedicated stool at the neighborhood tapas/wine bar, Freddy’s. I sat down next to him a few weeks ago and the chatter went on for a few hours. So I suggested we do a ‘Mondays with David’ (6PM, if you want to join us). He came across as ‘familiar’, but I thought it was probably because I must have seen him sitting there when I passed by Freddy’s, or was in Freddy’s.

A few weeks later, I got around to asking him his full name. And, then I ‘googled’ him. David Turecamo has been a news reporter for a number of years (decades, to be honest) now and, once you listen to him, you may recognize his voice. He did a CBS Sunday Morning piece, with a given deadline of only 24 hours. He mentions in the piece that he may be remembered more for this piece than his Emmy-award winning pieces. Orson, the neighborhood dog, is well worth a watch:


Lastly, while looking for a dog quote, I came across this article of 50 quotes (even though the link says ’25’). They are so endearing, I am sure, even a non-dog lover will find some will put a smile on his/her face:


Woof! Woof! (French translation?)

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