‘Seaing’ Blue

Ever since the shop windows shifted to summer, I have been ‘seaing’ blue everywhere. Whether it’s Herve Chapelier’s durable; practical; for the most part, washable; owned some-of-mine for what seems like since I was born! BAGS. (https://www.hervechapelier.com) or Groom located at #14 Rue du Cherche-Midi or one of the multiple ‘The Shop around the Corner’ stores near my apartment (with none of them being a bookstore like the one Meg Ryan owned in ‘You’ve Got Mail’)…



And here is one just a block away:  Bellerose, at 3 Rue Jacob, is a ‘must look’…




And, yet another in my neighborhood, as I can do a ‘walk-through, entering from one door (8 Rue de l’Abbaye) and coming out another (rue de Furstemberg) with the excuse of saving me some steps when I am ‘homeward bound’. But, I really do it because it affords me a tour through the latest goods at the Belgian-based shop, Flamant (http://www.flamant.com/flamant/). Being an interior designer, I just can’t resist.




A few more steps away from ‘home’, Sabre (https://www.sabre.fr) always commands a peek too and gives me the advantage of adding to my home collection more of their products:



And finally, we can actually be off to the SEA with just a stop at Petit Bateau (I used to buy my daughter’s cotton T-shirts here and it is still continues to also be a source for T-shirts in women’s sizes or some beach clothes like these:



Another neighborhood stop to help fill up a picnic basket to take along: at the Breton family cannery shop (They’ve been canning ‘the sea’ since 1932):

IMG_2679And, why not some ‘fishy’ chocolates to also take along to the sea!IMG_1662

On to ‘seaing’ blue at the SEA!

2 thoughts on “‘Seaing’ Blue

  1. I want to come to your neighborhood! I wish I could have added a stopover in September when I’ll be changing planes at the airport in Paris but there’s really not enough time for me to take a few extra days.

    If you ever go back to live in Paris for a while let me know as I’d love to visit you there. I love Paris and haven’t been there for several years.

    Your blog is GREAT!

    Love, Mariann

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