Ohhhhs and Ahhhhs

When it came to the la Fete Nationale fireworks display , I experienced no difference in the French response to the fireworks on their national holiday, the 14th of July (Bastille Day), than from the Americans on our 4th of July! The Ohhhhs and Ahhhhhs rang true, throughout the crowd, when the sky started to sparkle up with their French colors, which are, as ours, red, white, and blue! You can read more here about this holiday: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bastille_Day

Apparently, earlier that morning, there were a few mishaps at the military parade celebration down the Champs Elysees and in the skies overhead. Take a look: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/07/14/sky-high-gallic-pride-takes-knock-french-air-force-bastille/

But back to the fireworks. The crowd started to gather in locations all over the city. By the way, in case you are planning to be here next year for the 14th of July, here is an article suggesting the best locations to head for the fireworks display. And, yes, they begin at 11PM. The sun doesn’t even set until 10PM: https://iamaileen.com/bastille-day-fireworks-show-paris-best-spots/

I made my way to the Pont Neuf, meaning ‘New Bridge’, a pedestrian bridge and the oldest one left standing crossing the Seine River. It just happens to be only a few blocks away from my apartment. To get there, I first passed the well-known landmark La Palette and, as you can see, even at this late hour there is family action. IMG_5448

What makes the cafe well-known is due to its visitors… from Picasso to Ernest Hemingway to Julia Roberts to… Here is their website explanation: IMG_5532 The neighborhood ‘7-11’ was still open. IMG_5514Rue de Seine is lined with art galleries along the way:

This woman is unbelievably realistic but NOT real. ART!!


I’ve arrived and so have hundreds of others!

IMG_5458And they kept coming…

IMG_5506Pizza boxes in hand….no hot dogs and hamburgers….IMG_5504Wait a minute….Was I back in America?? Renovation advertising!IMG_5461And crowds along the Seine, seemed determined on where they wanted to go. IMG_5463Look at this stunning view of the Louvre behind the boat! Almost as breathtaking as the fireworks!IMG_5456

Yes, I was a distance away but actually, they came across better than these photos..IMG_5487IMG_5480IMG_5492IMG_5476


And, on my way home, this building was a striking sight to see as well.IMG_5451With La Palette still in full swing… IMG_5522 Another couple chose a peaceful walk with dog in tow and gelato to keep them cool. When it comes to gelato and sorbet, you have your choice in my neighborhood–Berthillon, Grom, or Amorino…Do you have a favorite?IMG_5524As I finish writing this up, I can hear horns, bellows, cheers, screams, TVs blaring–The world soccer finals are ON!–France and Croatia! Guess who I am rooting for?!!

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