Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy

I am enjoying the summer fun of Paris. It’s been a number of years since I’ve spent time in Paris during the summer. I came across this hat in a men’s shop window. I liked the saying. Although, I don’t know that I necessarily would want to wear it on my hat. img_3182.jpgI brought a ‘straw’ hat from home that I intended to use for my travel in May (Croatia, southern Italy, and Sicily). But when I went to pack it, even though I could fold it, it still ate up a lot of room in my suitcase so I shifted to this canvas one. IMG_4248This actually did the trick but looks a little too campy. I used it, originally, for an African nomad safari trip. Summer soldes (sales) have started and so I do plan to go a-wandering to see if some of the accessories I have seen are now on sale. Maybe I can walk out wearing a hat, carrying a bag, or toting my SOLDES items in a tote and then I’ll be set for my travel to Spain and Portugal in September. So great to see Paris in living color right now!

Actually, I saw this one in Puglia but you should have seen the price tag on this rather simplistic hat!IMG_3836Or these and their similar bags…IMG_3835 IMG_3831

And then in Tropea (southwestern side of Italy and not far from Sicily):IMG_3614IMG_4034

IMG_3832But back to Paris….



And, back to hats!


See any favorites? The temps are in the low 90’s for a few days. YIKES! So I had better pull out my large brimmed hat to wear while I go shopping for another! And, just in time for the Paris Plage (beaches along the Seine) starting this week:





2 thoughts on “Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy

  1. Hi, fun post. I liked several items you showed! Sold the house, offering on one in SF. Have fun on your next leg of your trip!!!
    x0 C


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