Red, White, and Blue

I don’t have an American flag to post. So, when I was shopping yesterday I saw these sandals and  thought they reminded me of the red, white, and blue stripes on our USA flag! (By the way, these can be found in the J. Crew department at Bon Marche, the well-known department store on the Left Bank: at 50% off! It is sale time in Paris and the window shops are saturated with their SOLDES signs letting you know that you will truly benefit if you come in their door and shop.

Stella McCartney also came through for the USA holiday too:IMG_5044 And then I started to see the July 4th colors and STARS…everywhere….

Not only in the Bon Marche shoe department but on my way home at Flamant:

And, of course, the crowds watching the soccer games at neighborhood cafes, with their temporary set-ups of large TV screens, are equally decked out in the 4th colors too…but then, France’s colors are the same as ours:

Hoping your day includes some red, white, and blue. This eggplant dish is from the Mediterranean cookbook, Jerusalem.  The meal was topped off by a dessert of cassis and coconut sorbet with berries that had just been handpicked from one of the guest’s country gardens outside of Paris…A friendship lunch for 6 women! What a treat!


MAY FREEDOM RING LOUD AND CLEAR!! (The saying a USA friend is using to sign off on her emails to me…love it!

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