Music on the Summer’s First Day

The Fete de la Musique is a ‘chock full of happiness’ event. It takes place on the first day of summer….summer solstice…which fell on Thursday, as you probably know. It takes place all over France. I have no idea how many musical groups took place and how many lasted until the wee hours in the morning. I’m sure the French newspapers had an idea of that number. I’m guessing it would be safe for me to say hundreds…

Five of us met for dinner and then walked the ten minutes to the event, near the Seine, where we were going to join up and sing. As you may know, I don’t speak French but I hummed, I clapped along, I listened, and I hit a high on the happiness chart!  We saw other musical groups in place at various locations as we made our way to our chosen sing-a-long. This is just one of them!


Ours sing-along group was close to being in full swing when we arrived and then continued, nonstop, for hours.

The count was probably a couple hundred in all shapes and sizes:

As the evening light diminished, this building as our backdrop, showed its shine:IMG_4701

And, so did the singers who didn’t want to leave, even though they could no longer read the songs’ words  in their ‘playbook’ without turning on their flashlights on their phones. IMG_4698

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