Another must major Paris renovation to see…

I am such a Left Bank person yet I don’t hesitate to cross the river for a number of ‘must dos’. And this would be one of those ‘musts’ I would step off the bridge and on to the Right Bank for a ‘look see’.

Watch this short video which spells out the recent renovation of the La Poste du Louvre. Under and on top of one roof: shopping; eats and drinks; a 5 star hotel; and a rooftop terrace, which seems to be the design rage these days and why not, since rooftop terraces make you privy to dramatic sweeping views that only the birds can see unless you are offered a position, such as this one, that allows you to view the city somewhat similar to theirs.

When I ‘google mapped’ the exact location of La Poste du Louvre, I was reminded of its close proximity to so many other sightworthy venues: La Samaritaine (I have already posted, more than once, about this new renovation) who has also recently joined the crowd of renovated spaces….add in The Centre Pompidou, Les Halles (renovation completed in 2018), Louvre Museum, Tuileries Garden, Palais Royal Garden and, not to leave out, The Pinault Collection at the newly renovated Bourse de Commerce. Actually, this list adds up to more than one day of oohs and ahs.. And I will add one more ‘for instance’ in the neighborhood: The Passages, primarily built in the 19 century, (Galerie Vivienne to name just one) are yet another pastime to wander through and enjoy and great to save for a rainy day.

And then check out Paris by Mouth’s restaurant guide for the 1st and the 2nd arrondissements, if you don’t find a spot at one of these locations you are visiting to taste what suits you.

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