Pretty in Pink: Paris

Bonne Annee to ‘A Good Year’: 2022! I wish for all of us a promise of well-being, a better understanding of community, and positive signs of world peace.

To start off 2022, I want to play around with the colors I experience when I am in Paris. PINK is usually associated with love and romance. So fitting for Paris. Wouldn’t you agree? And Paris does have a way of showing off its pink!

Paris is not ‘just’ magnificent stone or plaster clad buildings from the past still capable of showing themselves standing regally in their shades of grey and beige. And, Paris is not ‘just’ cobblestoned streets and bridges paving their way across the Seine, giving us all a road map to astutely explore it from one tippy toe end to the other.

But rather, along those pathways of the city of Paris, they also allow us the opportunity to see its many colors. For example, in its over 400 parks and gardens; in its stylized shops; or in its places that satisfy our gastronomic fantasies, just to name a few.

Well, does PINK put you in the mood for love and romance when you see it sprinkled around Paris?

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