A Paris Landmark is Back in Business!

After walking across the Pont des Arts pedestrian (lover’s) bridge from the Left Bank of the Seine to the Right Bank, you will find yourself just a few minutes from the newly renovated La Samaritaine In Paris (about a decade and a half in the making). You can read about it more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pont_des_Arts

To speak about the newly envisioned La Samaritaine, I have included articles and videos for your curiosity and pleasure:

The first article gives you some history of this iconic Art Nouveau building’s use during multiple years of my visiting Paris, but also for numerous years well before my time.

The next article shows more of its current day look with Macron, apparently, placing his ‘blessing’ on its introduction back into the Paris forefront.

The next three links show you youtube videos of some of the complexity of the workmanship that went into this renovation project. If you are interested in architecture and craftsmanship, you will appreciate watching these videos. Most of the language being spoken is French but, as you probably know, I don’t speak French yet I still enjoyed the visual presentations. Each of them are only a few minutes long.



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