Brittany anyone?

These photos were taken several years ago when I was visiting a grade school/high school friend who moved to the northern coast of Brittany decades ago with her British husband (and still lives there with him). It was a spectacular water day and so we hit the English channel seas in her mini waterproof ‘roadster’ so we could not only enjoy the weather but also allow ourselves a closer look at these magnificent vintage sailboats, the likes of which I had never seen before! The photo below is the boat we were toddling about in next to these superior sailing creatures that I am sure would be rated ‘best in show’ if they were competing for a prize.

The seas were not too choppy, the sun bright, and the breeze was giving us the gentlest push in our vessel at sea. I spent much of my childhood days living on the same lane on an inland lake in Michigan just a few doors down from my friend. Our Michigan lake never could claim having a boat like these parting the waters in the Channel but, if anything, more like the modest one we were using to dip in and out of the waves on that day. Her husband owned a lofty, rather historic sailboat but it seemed to spend more of its days out of the water than in, so I never did get the opportunity to experience a ride on his.

Above are photos of the village harbor we came back to later in the day.

And, below, is one of the views we came home to after our satisfying day be-bopping on the waves of the English Channel.

The feature image at the top of the blog post is a view out one of their windows, showing you the daily tide when it has fallen.

If you have not been to Brittany, consider doing so. Of course, my friend’s cooking hyper-stimulates my appetite as she takes advantage of using the freshest ingredients from the nearby farms and her own garden. Also, think mussels and frites (french fries) as well as crepes as another reason to venture to that region.

With Normandy just a hop, skip, and jump away from Paris, it is incomprehensible that I have never been there and so I am finally putting it on my calendar after the pandemic has settled down. Deauville, Trouville-sur-mer, Honfleur are villages on the Normandy waters that I plan to take in, as well as highlights like Mont Saint-Michel, St Malo, the D-Day beaches…just a few highlights as the list is long. Take a look at this article for more detail:

A Paris friend’s family arranged this for a special decade birthday of hers. Pirates for the day! The company, Etoile Marine Croisiere, is from St Malo : ( They organize customized sailing experiences on vintage sailing boats. 

I am able to claim a visit to Giverny, Monet’s garden and home in Normandy, which can be done as a separate day trip from Paris.

This day on the water with my close friend is a memory remembered as perfect (‘parfait’ in French)!

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