Advent Calendar 2020-Day# 21

I must admit, even as an adult, approaching Le Bon Marche department store’s Holiday windows sets me up with an anticipation of excitement. Such clever, playful, colorful, smart designs put a smile on my face every year. They haven’t disappointed me yet as they march me back to my childhood and this magical time of the year. This time (2016)…all about the rooftops…animated snowball like character, for instance…

To allow the children to be front and center, they construct elevated platforms for them to use so they can not be overpowered by the adults’ stature. Boardwalk-style platforms available at every window.

And the children do take advantage of them. Joyful fun and maybe a little goofy mischief?

Some of the characters pop out of the windows when they open! Adorable…both the window displays but also the Parisian kiddos!

Do you feel like singing along with this one? Keeping your spirits up?

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