Advent Calendar 2020-Day# 20

As soon as I entered the front door of La Grande de Epicerie during ParisHoliday season last year, I met up with the truck below, garnished with holiday food supplies from various well-known talented artisans.

Cheers! to one of the finest grocers, if not the finest, in Paris and, possibly, all of France. Step across the street from Le Bon Marche and into La Grande de Epicerie, also owned by Bon Marche. The presentation is an overwhelming array of quality and quantity of artful and skillful eats and drinks. Think extensive shelf space for salts, another endless shelf line of mustards, yet another of oils…chocolates…teas…fresh produce…a butcher…fishmonger, and so on….

Below is just a teensy view of what this major shop looks like at Holiday time. I am sure there are tiny shops in one’s neighborhood that carry either the same products or even have products, equal or better, but just haven’t ever garnered a big name for themselves–yet.

But, as a tourist you may not know where to find those products, for instance, nor have the time to stock up with the items, going from one location to another. So La Grande de Epicerie ends up being a one-stop shop for skilled artisan products…ones you may have promised yourself and others and have even saved room in your suitcase to take home.

To give you an idea of the diversity of products, right off the top, this is the only shop where I saw Advent Calendars for dogs and cats….

Primarily reds and greens are represented here to keep one in the Holiday spirit!

This wine cellar is a work of art in itself. Even if you have no plans to take a bottle or two back to sip on in your hotel room or to take home with you…I would still, if you have the time, stroll through, up close and personal, with a sommelier.

Let’s HOPE Santa makes it to everyone’s home this year and ALL can experience a taste of personal JOY.

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