Advent Calendar 2020: Day# 10

The featured image shows some very simple angel ornaments I picked up in Paris. Over the years, France has not outgrown this style of decoration. Even though there is also a tendency toward complicated, sophisticated, elaborate decor, there is also this natural elemental styling done even when I can tell a newly constructed house featured in a magazine has not been spared the use of money. It is a style I respect and it gives me pleasure when I see it.

The photo of the glass bowl shows off my mother’s Christmas ornament collection (and I can see a handblown glass ornament I received from my sister several years ago in this mix too)…at least the ones that have been able to be saved through my several moves! I used to place them on the tree but I estimate some are 60+ years old and so delicate that I started to gingerly collect them in this bowl for holiday display in order to protect them, yet honor my mother at this time of the year that she so religiously respected and LOVED.

This one’s for you, Mom…

What about you? Do you have a favorite style of decorating for the holiday season?

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