Advent Calendar 2020-Day #9

Yes, on occasion, it does snow in Paris! And, I LOVE it when it does! One evening I remember being out to dinner with a dear friend. We had spent hours intently sharing our personal life experiences when we both looked out the window and saw the first flakes of snow gently making their way to the sidewalk and while on their way down, twinkling amongst the light coming off the lampposts. Extraordinary!

We went out into the dark night together, bundled up in our wintry apparel, fondly said ‘a bientot (see you soon)’, and headed out in opposite directions to our individual homes…knowing the rare event of the fallen snow had enhanced our evening’s memory.

I am not fond of cold weather and the very worst is being forced to drive on icy roads. But in Paris, I can delight in the best of what snow offers–the magical action in the sky–yet not the danger that can sometimes dampen the spirit of the sparkle.

The featured image at the top is one of the Luxembourg Gardens superimposed with snow!

OR, more appropriately…for the season (1957!)

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