Lunch in my Nice (Cote d’Azur France, that is) Neighborhood

It’s election day in the United States and I am anxiously waiting to hear the results. Being as much as 9 hours ahead of time (West Coast), it’s going to be a long night!

Downpouring rain in Nice, where I am right now. I looked at my iPhone ‘health’ app and it was only 63 steps from my apartment to the restaurant! So, even in a downpour, it would have been easy-peasy to get there. As the photo shows, I stepped out of my apartment building and just here, in Old Town, where the outdoor tables are NOT being in use today! IMG_9846

A cozy spot with hearty food that comes across as a ‘home-cooked’ meal (just not in my kitchen where I don’t think of myself as a chef, let alone a good cook)! My choices, the rabbit terrine with hazelnuts for a starter and then pork belly with lentils and a bit of sausage. I got ahead of my photo a bit as the main course came out in a sweet iron pot and I had already transferred some to my plate before I remembered to photograph, so you see the tender pork belly is ‘broken up’ a bit: IMG_9835IMG_9838 Dessert too…a pear clafoutis with chocolate…and, whoops, totally forgot to photograph it!!  Looking around, there are 2 tables that can seat as many as 10 each and another few tables for 4 each, which also spells out the space is comfortable and warm, friendly…just what I needed on such a spirited and rain-filled day. Both 10-seat tables had sets of 3 different parties but I was able to squeeze into one. As usual, all three sets of parties at this table were leaning in, involved in conversation—very Frenchie to me!IMG_9840

On to the boulangerie for some bread and a brief peek around the neighborhood before heading home to watch the U.S. news! The outdoor covered fish market was cleaned up for the day, seen on the left in this first photo. A Place that usually has people walking and mingling but, with the rain, is vacant for now. And, one of the numerous narrow streets that shoots out near this Place. IMG_9842IMG_9843IMG_9845

If you haven’t already voted, I am sure it is on your ‘to do’ list today! And, yes, I have already voted…one of those fortunate freedoms we have the privilege to exercise in the good ole USA!

A good review of the restaurant from ‘Best of Nice Blog’ (By the way, my waiter told me they change the menu every two weeks which differs from what you read below. The menu only has limited selections under each of the 3 courses):Chez Palmyre was run by a mother/daughter team since 1926, but it changed hands 10 years ago when the 93-year-old mother died and the 77-year-old daughter decided to finally retire.  Now it’s Philippe that runs the show, keeping the country store ambiance and friendly prices, chez-palmyrewhile chef Vincent, who’s been coming here since he was a child, elevates grandma’s cuisine to something wonderful.  Three courses, lunch or dinner, 18€.  The menu changes daily, there’s no website.  The restaurant is tiny, and only open Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri, so call well in advance +33 4 93 85 72 32.  5 rue Droite

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