What did I Enjoy More? The Museum or the Art Exhibition?

The answer to that question is both. What’s not to like about the interior and exterior of the Musee Jacquemart Andre ? stuNFiPvQuKgIfqTqWIzqQPbUm1cS5RTGGea0TZgNLNA8CB2%MaASnuqLShhWzGfjAIMG_5548IMG_5549 And, the exhibition artist, Mary Cassatt, is a star, in my book. Known for her intimate family art, especially of women interacting with children, she was American born, grew up in Pennsylvania, but then lived the majority of her adult life in France. V5NKhI5tTgOALcHxWRr4CgoBKBUPncRYOapggAojJr0gz6x+IdhkThW+KGaUcM33+was+0lLKURTSSjNCxz5ItWwI could add a third component to my enjoyment…lunch on the sheltered outdoor terrace of the museum’s cafe: IMG_5537%jjq+7SIQ2CV%UdN9VpPBwIMG_5551

On a hot day it was made tolerable with my request for ice cubes granted! I made a lot of requests this summer for ‘glacons’ as it was known to be one of the hottest summers in Paris. Ice was not always readily available when I first starting visiting Paris years ago. And, still not offered unless you speak up. Then it generally shows up in a rather elegant container. I even dilute my wine when it was not chilled enough.  IMG_5542

And, my lunch–foie gras served warm and cold, which is one of my favorite choices I can’t seem to get enough of when in France. iuM1HOpYRSaFnRjn%V8k1gI loved the special menu offers in honor of Mary Cassatt and her USA/Pennsylvania connection: IMG_5544So, when in Paris, see what’s happening at the Musee Jacquemart Andre. You can view their website in English and also purchase tickets online. If you are staying at a hotel, make a kind request to have the hotel staff/concierge print the tickets out for you or even walk you through the process of purchasing the tickets: https://www.musee-jacquemart-andre.com/en/home

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