May 1st-Labor Day in France

May Day! And, guess what! It’s yet another holiday in France with even the grocery stores and clothing shops closed, not to mention the government offices, banks, blah…blah…blah…blah….! Fortunately, the 6th arrondissement has enough tourist activity that a number of cafes and restaurants are open.

Oh, well, the grocery list will keep for another day! So, I grabbed the offer to be squeezed in before a booking was arriving so I could have lunch at the Breizh Cafe near the Carrefour de l’ Odeon just a few minutes walk away from my apartment.

Breizh Cafe started out in the Marais and was so busy they decided the Left Bank needed one as well. So about a year ago, they made their way here, securing a  great location. They are known for their healthy, leaning towards creative traditional for some and even more creative for others galettes/crepes….such as organic buckwheat crepe/galette with lobster for my main course and a crepe with a caramel ginger sauce for my dessert. Take a look at their website and you can see some photos of what they offer:

And, I was able to slip into a window seat for people-watching on my left and, on my right,  I won the prize of a visit with an adorable Parisian family sitting next to me.


I knew, in France, May 1st had the tradition of giving friends and family a small gift of the flower, lily of the valley, to show their appreciation.

IMG_2979.JPGI just hadn’t caught on to The Labor Day importance of the day until I was speaking with an American friend last evening, who lives in Provence, and she laid it on thick about the strength of this holiday’s importance. Here’s a link that will give you a little history:

So, today I  bring you some good luck and good fortune! ‘Je Porte Bonheur’ translated: ‘I bring happiness!’

And, so goes another day in paradise…oh, I meant to say Paris…with my lovely scented lily of the valley getting a special seat in my apartment.



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