Covid is still in the Paris air but, with caution, I was too!

Little did we all know that our simplest of pleasures would come to an abrupt standstill because of a virus. Some of you decided to return to travel sooner than I.

I had to decide, for myself, when I would feel comfortable enough to welcome international travel back into my life since I am a bit immune-compromised. But here I am…ready to hit the skies… As mentioned in my last post, I was warmly greeted by my California friend soon after I landed in Paris for my 2-week reunion with the city and my friends!

Since I kept delaying my decision to travel, it was difficult to secure a lodging reservation…hotel or apartment. So my Paris stay was shortened to two weeks and then I extended my stay in Nice. Due to the time constraint, a bit of jet lag, my Covid limitations, I ended up only being able to fit in a limited amount of activities. I kept my focus on seeing my friends who lived in Paris and that, was mainly accomplished, with the exception of missing a few, with two of them being Covid positive, even though they were fully vaccinated/boosted.

But, of course, the newly refurbished Medici Fountain at the Luxembourg Gardens was one of those ‘must-dos’ for me. At first I noticed it looked a little stark around the fountain, although, as you can see, the fountains detail pops out. I soon realized the starkness was probably due to the urns not being flowered up yet. Paris had experienced a cold snap so that may be why they were not properly adorned.

After first entering the rue Tournon/rue de Conde gate of the Luxembourg, I was delighted to see how the clover flowers were being allowed to habitate amongst the sharply green blades of lawn..

The Cafe near the Fountain had also been reworked. You can see below, my friend had to struggle a bit to boost herself up onto the cafe barstool! There are also a number of tables, if you prefer. Since the Luxembourg Gardens is a favorite for both of us, we met there twice, with the first time being for lunch at Angelina’s, next to the Musee Luxembourg (The original Angelina’s is on rue de Rivoli near the Louvre as well as other locations spotted around the city). Being mid April, the outdoor temps cooperated on both these occasions.

If you haven’t been back yet or been able to fit in a first time visit, I can safely say, Paris is still Paris….

If you have been following my posts, you know I am not only drawn to the historical architecture and art world of the past but equally excited and curious, as well as respectful, of the current artisans showing off their clever, smart fare in the window shops. Just a little sampling of both…the contrast of the majestic old and the delightful craft of the new…

Paul Smith’s shop windows paid tribute to Ukraine…

Flowers, fresh and glorious…always get my attention…

Yup, I can assure you Paris is still tempting all of our senses…Cova near the newly refurbished La Samaritaine (more on the department store later), Poilane on rue du Cherche Midi (always worth a ‘licking window’ stop), Laduree with its numerous locations throughout the city (ditto on the ‘licking’), and Cafe Varenne on rue du Bac (so missed seeing the various cafe waiters in action) la!….or better known as Wow! in English…casual was the standard of dress this year…

And, well, here is something that Parisians have mastered the art of too! (sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound all in one!)

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