Stop!…at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum! (#3 in the Series)

As mentioned, my first visit to Venice, years ago, didn’t allow time to visit the Peggy Guggenheim Museum so I made sure it was a priority this visit. Peggy Guggenheim was a prolific art collector as well as a collector of lovers, and Lhasa Apsos dogs, while living her socially unconventional and extravagant lifestyle having been born into the famous Guggenheim family. This wikipedia article spells it out a little further:

My hotel, Il Palazzo Experimental, as I had planned, was just a stroll away from the Guggenheim. And, once again, the walk over afforded me a handful of serene and architectural sights.

The hotel staff sent me off in the right direction and I relied on them for a restaurant recommendation for lunch. And, no, although tempting, it was not this below! Sometimes I am thankful I am lactose intolerant as it helps me to limit my eating and, well, at other times, well, I just drool…

The recommended restaurant was easy to locate. And, look at my views as I was about to sit down at my designated table.

Not only was I not complaining about my canal view but my selected entree’s taste was delectable.

A few more minutes walk after my late lunch and I was at the museum’s courtyard.

Once you walk in the intimate museum’s front door, you meet up with this Alexander Calder sculpture.
Intrigued by the Rufino Tamayo’s Heavenly Bodies…
Ho hum….another Alexander Calder.

Joan Miro…then Alberto Giacometti…then Picasso…Umberto Boccioni…next one I did not record the artist…then the Landscape with Red Spots-Wassily Kandinsky

Fascinating glass bottles-Laurence Vail…

Once outside again, I was welcomed by the sunshine and the impeccable stoned gazebo…
Peggy Guggenheim’s 14 Lhasa Apsos dogs…RIP to her well-loved companions…
And also the same for Peggy Guggenheim. Her place of rest is next to her ‘beloved babies’.

The museum and its art display allowed guests to wander a from room to room. As you can see by the artists I posted, she collected a variety of art. The garden courtyard made me want to linger. The museum was not jammed allowing me to move along at my own desired pace.

See this article:
I took a different route back to my hotel. When I head out not knowing what it will bring, it feels a bit like one of those magical mystery tours, in the making. Doesn’t it to you too?… I went down some narrow romantic shaded streets with a tiny canal alongside the walkway on one side and artisan shops on the other…AND soaked up the leisurely time to poke into a few.
I want to say this is the facade of the Gallerie dell’Accademia. The canal that my hotel is located on is straight ahead in this photo. But before I got to the Galleria and this view, I met up with this bridge (see below) which is the well-known Accademia Bridge.

Why I did not linger? In fact, I didn’t even step on to the bridge, although I have to admit it was cluttered with others. Why I didn’t return at sunset to take a bundle of photos. Again, sometimes a wonder as to ‘What was I thinking’!??…Actually, now that I give it more thought, I think I had to return to the hotel to greet my travel companion for his soon-to-be arrival!

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