Advent Calendar 2020-Day# 14

I LOVE food! You probably have caught on that when I am in Paris, the 6th arrondissement is my neighborhood. To get to that decision, over my first few decades of visiting Paris, I was usually limited to stays for shorter periods–week(s) rather than month(s) so hotels/restaurants often made sense. Well, about 3 dozen hotel stays later in a variety of locations, I put my claim on the 6th!

That doesn’t mean that the Marais (3rd and 4th arrondissement) isn’t a great choice or the 7th arrondissement, for instance, for your stay. I’m driven to the aesthetic including the window shopping, flat ground walking of the 6th arrondissement and then I would throw in the easy central proximity and transportation to what I frequently have for my adventures, and the 6th is it for me.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been tempted to stay in the Marais and, lately, even in Montmartre as well as the 9th, 10, 11th but, ultimately, I don’t break away from the 6th to do so as I am in my comfort zone in the 6th. I know I would miss the area too much if I didn’t have my daily wanderings out on the familiar streets of this neighborhood I call home.

Here is a smidgeon of the places I visit for Holiday season treats. By the way, Gerard Mulot is the ‘owner’ of the clafoutis in the featured photo at the top

Eric Kayser, above, not only has a great selection of breads but also several cases of delectable pastries to select from as well as seasonal holiday treats:

Meert has been on the chocolate circuit for decades:

How fun to see Poilane’s artistry performed on their breads:

A La Mere de Famille has a history of being the oldest chocolate factory in Paris:

Laduree was known for its macarons and still is but seems to have some competition now. The upstairs tea salon always comes in handy for a rather dignified break by yourself or with friends/family:

Pierre Herme croissants in edible red and green.

Take a break and gaze at the Saint-Sulpice Church and its fountain, a 2 minute walk from Pierre Herme.

Last year I was entertained by the installers of the stunning Holiday decorations at Pierre Herme on the shop’s facade:

Also, Pierre Herme opened a Cafe Pierre Herme right across the street from his patisserie shop on Rue Bonaparte late last year.

Just a few blocks away, in the opposite direction of Saint Sulpice Church is Saint Germain des Pres Church. Worth a view at night, wouldn’t you say:és_(abbey)

Les Deux Magots has some seats with direct views on this oldest church in Paris:

Of course, Les Deux Magots is well known in its own rights. Then there is Cafe le Flore, just down Saint Germain Blvd but in the opposite direction from the church.

Cafe Pierre Herme, a very low key spot, doesn’t have the history or reputation of the two cafes mentioned above as they were known for famous writers and philosophers hanging out decades ago. My stop at Cafe Pierre Herme ended up being a sweet stop.

I am dairy free yet I can ‘feel’ a LOVE for these outrageously attractive pastries on a visual level. If you don’t have this issue, I say ‘dig in’!

LOVE is all around, isn’t it?

Suggestion: Rent and watch the movie: “Love Actually”.

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