Going Dutch Series #4


And, as if you haven’t had enough of flowers, I will end this Going Dutch series on a bright and cheery note! I took these photos at the Flower Market, known as the Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam. The photos pretty much speak for themselves. You can walk away with a bouquet, seeds, apparently cannabis products (I didn’t spend time getting the details), or dried flowers. This post is a lovely way to start or end your day or, maybe even, be a pick-me-up in the middle of the day.

There are also some stalls with tourist trinkets: https://www.holland.com/global/tourism/destinations/amsterdam/floating-flower-market.htm


fullsizeoutput_2f11fullsizeoutput_2f10fullsizeoutput_2f12fullsizeoutput_2f1cfullsizeoutput_2f1efullsizeoutput_2f1afullsizeoutput_2f1bfullsizeoutput_2e16fullsizeoutput_2e17fullsizeoutput_2e18I hope your day ends up showing promise just as these stunning flowers portray during this pandemic crisis we find ourselves enduring as our daily living. I don’t just hope but rather have faith we WILL get to see the light of day….In the meantime, Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.


(ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. These are the author’s own collection of photographs and text. Her collection on her blog, A Pocketful of Paris, are not to be used without her permission.)

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