Going Dutch Series #2

Yes, the photos below represent what you see on your way to the Keukenhof Gardens. I am taking these photos through the windows of a moving bus so, I apologize, because they have some glare/blurriness to them!

The Vondel hotel concierge suggested I take a bus tour. It was a roundtrip bus transport service to the gardens, along with my ticket being booked ahead of time. I want to say it took about an hour of drive time each way. It would have been less with a car but this was just fine. I do believe if I had arranged to go on the public bus it would have been closer to two hours each way.

They allowed a few hours for us to stroll amongst the flowers so I didn’t feel rushed. There was also no wait in a ticket line either so that was another plus. Essentially, no muss, no fuss…  Again, here’s the link to the Keukenhof Gardens, in case you missed it in my #1 of Going Dutch post: https://keukenhof.nl/en/


Upon my arrival, there was a restaurant on the right and this sort of elaborately decorative musical player thingy on the left, playing traditional music.


Oddly, I can’t seem to locate most of my photos I took while wandering around the planted beds.  It’s just as well because you are in for a treat. Here are just a few photos I took near the entrance.  And, here is the link for the photographs taken by a professional: https://mymodernmet.com/keukenhof-2020-albert-dros/

This Dutch landscape photographer, Albert Dros, was allowed to photograph the Keukenhof Gardens with no visitors this year. (The gardens were closed due to the coronavirus.) Wonderously dynamic! Stroll through the gardens with him. Take as long as you would like!


Yes, there were all styles of travel around the gardens. Some had it better than others!


This is Lindbergh Excursion’s write up:


Once a year the Dutch countryside bursts into life and tulips of all shapes and sizes transform the landscape into a kaleidoscopic display of vibrant colors. There is no better place to see this extraordinary phenomenon from up close than in the fantastic Keukenhof Tulip Garden, near the town of Lisse in the west of the Netherlands. This is one of the largest flower gardens in the world and often referred to as the ‘Garden of Europe’. Enjoy a peaceful stroll through the colorful parks and be amazed by the lively rainbow of more than seven million flowers.”

Lindbergh Excursions worked out for me. As mentioned, it was primarily a transfer and ticket buying service with no guided tour. There are other companies and since I only had the chance to try one, I can’t give you any comparison to other companies. If you look at their website, you will see all their tour offerings: https://www.lindbergh


If I find myself there again during tulip season, I might research, beforehand, what it would take to walk or bike ride alongside the fields of tulips. I was envious of this woman!


One thought on “Going Dutch Series #2

  1. Hi Judy,

    Reading your posts is the closest I will get to travel for awhile. Thank you. Sounds like you had some wonderful travel plans which have been derailed by COVID. It really is hard to believe that travel will be so different in the foreseeable future. We just took for granted that we could plan a trip and just go. Our age group has been so lucky for so long. We have had the freedom and resources to do anything we had the imagination and guts to do. John and I have been pretty conservative in our travel adventures. We pretty much like to find places we love and revisit over and over. We also because of our jobs, dogs and kids have a two to three week duration to most travel adventures. My brother retired as an E.R. Doc at age 55 and started a second life as a wild life photographer. You can see his work at jimedwardswildlifephotography. You may remember him from his brief stint at FPA. You two have each chronicled different views and experiences of the world. Hopefully, the world will again be open for travel before we age out!

    I have pretty much stayed in place as ordered. John ventures out to shop and we order take out periodically to support our favorite restaurants. It is all so beyond crazy. Two of our neighbors have tested positive and another, a man in his 40’s, was really sick with COVID for three weeks in March and April. We passed him out walking and he clearly still had air hunger. It made it real and close to home.

    Anyway hope you are well and enjoying that beautiful view from your window. We both are sheltering in place in some wonderful surroundings.

    Jane Sent from my iPad



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