“Je t’aime” Shopping on One Paris street

Last minute shopping for Valentine’s Day is upon us.. Isn’t Paris considered one of the most loved cities for love? So how about shopping in the city of love? Let’s make it easy…head to Rue du Bac, which is technically in the 7th arrondissement but right on the border of the 6th and 7th.

Start at Le Bon Marche (24 Rue de Sevres in the 7th), the well-known, ‘on the higher end’ Left Bank department store. Of course, Le Bon Marche may suit you just fine for your Valentine treasures or even The Conran Shop (117 Rue du Bac in the 7th). But, I urge you to keep going. These photos depict some of what you will see along the way, heading towards Boulevard Saint Germain.

There is more than one patisserie shop for a morning Valentine’s Day ‘breakfast in bed’ selection. Many of their stunning selections are presented ‘under glass’…

IMG_1024IMG_4704IMG_4709IMG_1029Yet another patisserie stop…Gateaux (cakes) are the finely tuned sweets at the top of this shop’s ‘menu list’…


Laduree has a romantic showing here with this lighting helping to stage their offerings as very ‘swoony’…


Nespresso shop: STOP! for their specialty coffee machines and frothers and a wide selection of coffee tastes…


And why not?  Sumptuous bedding–blankets and throws represented here…


How about lingerie and loungewear to set the tone of romance…


Baubles, bangles, and beads–limited supply…but a few leaning more towards trinkets can be found along the way. If you think about it, what shop owner would want to compete with the nearby Le Bon Marche when it comes to jewelry?


Florists too…a tiny shop with just the right-sized amorous bouquet…


Add a thoughtful card/notecard/small novelty item appropriate for the occasion.


Easy peasy, right? Whether you are shopping for an intimate friend, or to gift yourself on the ‘day of love’ (and, why not?), Rue du Bac is a street to keep on your list to visit, Valentine’s Day shopping or not.  If you need a rest stop, my ‘tried and true’ for well over a few decades: Cafe Varenne (36, Rue de Varenne and cross street is Rue du Bac). Here is a review by Patricia Wells: http://www.patriciawells.com/blog/2014/5/13/rendez-vous-at-caf-varenne

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