Let the Holiday Season Begin!

OK, so no snowflakes in Nice but other signs of the upcoming Holiday magic started to appear before I departed.

Just to backtrack a bit….I’ve been ‘on the move’ since the beginning of September. The blog posts I would like to have had time to write are all still swirling around in my head…. More on Paris to come, of course, but also others relating to travel tales in Portugal and Spain, Croatia and Italy too….then a solid landing for weeks in Nice in the Fall….with finally settling back into Bend, Oregon for the stretched out Holiday season from Thanksgiving through New Year’s and then some.

I was able to send some posts from Nice but I thought I’d be in keeping with the Holiday season with my post now.

Although I left Nice in mid November, there was prep work circling the streets hailing the upcoming season spirit that was descending upon the city daily.

Galeries Lafayette (6 Avenue Jean Médecin, 06000 Nice, France), the department store on the well-known Place Massena (New Town), had its facade slathered with an ever-changing holiday light show. As I stood there pleased with the store’s visual folly, I couldn’t help but have my eyes averted by these ‘statue’ seated people up on ‘stilts’, one outshining the other, and landing a curious smile to my face.

IMG_0194 And a moment later, the modern-day tram also interrupted my department store view. I saw it making its way, grabbing up passengers on the line that either heads in the direction of the train station or on its way to Old Town, as this one’s direction proves  to be going.


And when I flipped around to look towards Old Town, there were those brilliantly colored ‘statues’, again, helping to light the way across the Park Promenade de Paillon, shifting me from the New Town to the Old Town, where my rental apartment was awaiting my return.

IMG_0213But before heading back to Old Town, I did a little evening holiday window shopping…compliments of Louis Vuitton (2 Avenue de Suède, 06000 Nice, France) and Bonpoint (5 Rue Paradis, 06000 Nice, France):

along with catching sight of a vibrantly active scene at the nearby cafes and restaurants:IMG_9833

And, I wasn’t going to miss a stop as it was promising me with a top-down view of Nice! Aston La Scala (12 Avenue Félix Faure, 06000 Nice, France) is just one of the hotels that has a rooftop terrace bar, affording a view that is worth the ‘price of admission’ cocktail:

fullsizeoutput_211fSo I could see this fountain shooting out varying levels of red, white, and blue water in the Park Promenade de Paillon:

IMG_0230And this. Another sign I was in Nice–lemon fruit ripe in November:

IMG_0238After my cocktail, complimentary appetizers, and a guitarist ‘serenading’ us bar patrons, I did make my way to Old Town. And, continued seeing the evening street lights, magically capturing that seasonal moment in time:

IMG_0139IMG_0136IMG_0118IMG_9990The above photo was a reminder that I was not in Kansas. The combination of red checkered tablecloths, candlelight, and umbrellas as shelter, yet holiday lights extended across the narrow tiled streets shouted out! southern France and, once again, lent me the emotion that automatically set up a smile on my face!

The lower photo is looking out one of my apartment windows at about 4AM, with an ambience of whispering Peace. With a view like that, what more can one ask for to glorify yet another day in Nice.


4 thoughts on “Let the Holiday Season Begin!

  1. Hey there Judy! Loved your post. In lite of all that is going on in Paris these days, it was so refreshing to see what is good in the City of Lights! I did forward it on to John’s nephew, Paul and his wife, Erin as they are planning a trip to Paris this coming year.
    Happy Holidays and have a Very Merry Christmas!! Love you, EvaLee


    1. Nice is a wonder as well. It is growing on me each time I spend time there. It is a different experience than being in Paris, so having the combination of time in both is a WOW! Just a 5.5 hour train ride away from Paris, with either countryside or Mediterranean sea views all along the way, makes it a very accessible option to tag on to a visit to Paris. (alternatively, flights are just an hour or so from Paris). EvaLee, I am wishing you a Merry Merry Holiday and all best to our mutual friends who are celebrating, like us, entering our next decade!


  2. Lovely to hear from you, Judy. I’m hoping to be back in France in late June. Any chance you’ll be there then?




    1. Hi Karen–Great to hear from you! No firm plans yet but I am looking at being there in the late Spring to early Summer. Let’s keep in touch. In the meantime, Merry Merry Holidays and Cheers to a Healthy and Peaceful 2019!


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