LOVE–Yves Saint Laurent Exhibition-August 2018

“The Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris exhibits the couturier’s body of work on the legendary premises of his former haute couture house.” See this website for the Museum’s upcoming events:


I don’t know how many of you have followed Yves Saint Laurent’s well-lived life. He started playing around with ideas when he was very young, with full support from his parents. One of the first things you are introduced to when you walk into the exhibit..Paper Dolls!

Paper Dolls: What a special memory for me as my 2 neighbor friends and I, when growing up, used to spend hours building makeshift living rooms/ bedrooms out of Kleenex boxes and the Kleenex tissues enclosed (think sheets for the beds), as well as other sundry items we could find around the house when we were settled in for our afternoon of play with our paper dolls.

Now, this really dates me. Yet, listening to her sing this song now, I find, on the one hand, I can’t remember, for that matter, a time listening to her sing or act, yet when I hear her singing, I find I am tearing up….Gisele MacKenzie was one of my paper dolls! Perry Como-1960-Gisele MacKenzie singing the 12th of Never:

Boy, I am getting ‘off subject’! Here are YSL’s Paper Dolls:


Here is just a taste of what I saw a few days ago. YSL’s studio was one of the most ‘divine’ things for me to see. His every day workspace had natural light and showed me he had a grounding force for his elaborate sophisticated creations.


And the sketches show the basics of the beginnings:


With the final products showing off his knowledge of design incorporating proportion, style, and materials at his disposal being combined into one intricate complicated element.


Proved to be the case in his jewelry as well:


And yet again in full dress:


And, finally, in his notecard messages of LOVE for the New Year, designed since 1970 for 30 years!


If you ever find yourself in Marrakech, as I did a few years ago, make the Majorelle Gardens your #1 stop. They have recently added the Musee Yves Saint Laurent. This article will take you through the history:

Signing off with LOVEIMG_6645.JPG

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