Sunday morning Baguette

Sunday mornings in Paris are sleepy. Combine that with ‘I am not a morning person’ and I wasn’t certain what this experience would be like. But, I have to admit, going out to seek a baguette to couple with my morning coffee was an agreeable, pleasant, somewhat solitary (meaning quiet, calm, almost serene), yes, peaceful experience. I am not talking about 6AM as, best I know, nothing would have been open at that time…more like 8AM and then some. Shops and markets were making their way to their opening times of 9AM or later. See, the rotisserie chickens were well on their way their ‘for sale’ time.


The fruit and vegetable open market was getting tagged and ready.IMG_4534

So many berry varieties ‘ripe’ for the pickings. IMG_4535

Cosi, the neighborhood sandwich and salad shop, was ‘at ready’ with its menu listing their choices.IMG_4548

Opened thirty years ago, this year (!!) and still going strong, Drew, the owner from New Zealand, has been a success with other foodie businesses ever since and located on the same, rue de Seine. Their bread is made in the wood-fire oven, as you can see in the back of this photo. Just a block or so away from my doorstep…IMG_4550

La Palette and others are open, but with minimal or no business at this hour. IMG_4559

Paul, a boulangerie chain store, has some business, at their tables indoors. IMG_4526IMG_4529

But again, not much happening, eh? IMG_4527

I couldn’t help myself. I wandered onto Place de Furstemberg to see the windows of the florist next to Flamant. They would stay closed all day. Definitely worth getting up in the morning before the action, wouldn’t you say? Oh, so romantic…IMG_4497IMG_4496IMG_4493

And, that meant walking by Olivier, my favorite olive oil shop. Look at the two bikes parked outside the shop. They had locks on them. I don’t know if they were from the night before or employees starting their day? Bikes are definitely a mode of transportation for the last few years now in Paris. IMG_4517

Since my neighborhood favorite ‘go to’ boulangerie, Eric Kayser (10, rue de l’ Ancienne Comedie), is not open on Sundays, I decided to give Carton (6, rue de Buci) a try. And, I wasn’t the only one! By the way, Eric Kayser has about 20 or more locations in Paris, yet I don’t think of them as a ‘chain’. I guess it is all about the artisanal vs. industrial approach to baking. IMG_4525

I grabbed one of those baguettes lined up against the back wall  and a pain chocolat! But no eclair, no croissant, no brioche, no Napoleon….etc, etc, etc…IMG_4523

The tip on that baguette is important…cherished by all as the first bite from the fresh baguette. Recently, I saw a guy running through Paris, baguette in hand! And, yes, he had already broken off the tip of the baguette and eaten it! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday–and Cheers to those fathers out there on Father’s Day!IMG_4560


4 thoughts on “Sunday morning Baguette

  1. Hello Judy,

    Your pictorial blog of Paris is exquisite. I feel as though I have walked your path and experienced Paris vicariously through you. Many thanks, friend. Wonderful the $$$$$ and calories you have saved me 😘

    My friend/twin home neighbor signed up for your blog. Joanne LOVES you without knowing you. You could visit us, you know. But prepare for culture shock in Idaho Falls. I thought of you today when John and I shot our pistols at the indoor gun range we are members of. Thank God for US diversity and viva la France!

    Lv, Leanne



    1. Thank you, Leanne, and Joanne, for supporting my blog. I’m delighted to know you two are both benefitting from it, in one way or another! xxxO (Interesting to note, someone I have known for decades and another I have never met are following me down my Paris path.)


  2. How your photos made me yearn for those early morning hours in that beautiful city.
    I spent one winter there living in a hotel off the Champs Elysee…..I was going to school. ….full
    time…so I experienced Paris in the wee hours as I headed to left bank for classes.

    Thanks for bringing back those lovely memories.


    1. You know, I have to admit, I loved the calm of my ‘on the earlier side’ of the morning. I intended a 5 minute jaunt to the boulangerie and I actually stayed out for over an hour just wandering around…one street led to another and another. I’m pleased to know it brought back your ‘school day’ memories.


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